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Covid updates

Changes to Covid rules in school

from Monday 17 May 2021


Face coverings for students:

As you may have heard, students will no longer be required to wear a face covering whilst in the building. This includes classrooms, corridors and communal areas. If students wish to wear a face covering, they are allowed to do so.

However, students must still wear face coverings when travelling on the buses to and from school.


Face coverings for staff:

Our staff will continue to wear face coverings as they move around the building and in communal areas. However, classroom-based staff do not need to wear a face covering in classrooms as long as they maintain a social distance in the marked area at the front. But, if circulating around the room, they should wear a face covering.


Social distancing for students:

Students should still keep in their respective year group bubbles.


Social distancing for staff:

Staff should continue to maintain a 2m social distance from colleagues and students as much as possible. Any time spent in closer proximity to others should be limited and, for the duration of that time, staff should wear a face covering.



Students should continue to bring their own equipment for school wherever possible, e.g. pens, etc. Staff will ensure that the existing safety protocols for sharing equipment and workstations are followed.



The guidance remains the same. Ventilation in offices, classrooms and communal spaces should be maximised by opening of windows and doors.


Lateral Flow Testing:

The guidance remains the same. Students and staff are encouraged to test themselves twice weekly (Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday).  It is important that we continue to do this to pick up positive cases, identify close contacts and control any potential spread of the virus in our schools.


Isolation and Close Contact Tracing:

The guidance on this remains the same and students should continue to follow the government guidance regarding isolation, should they develop Covid symptoms or be identified as a close contact.


Social gatherings:

Students can socialise outside of school but please ensure that the follow current government guidelines. This includes sporting activities.