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In this section you can find information about each of the different subjects studied at Westfield, as well as supporting resources and revision guides.



At Westfield we aim to provide a curriculum that enables all students to achieve their very best. Our curriculum is designed to deliver excellent learning opportunities for all students and is linked to our ARKS vision:

  • Broad and balanced curriculum that enables students to achieve varied, relevant qualifications that enable successful next steps.
  • AMBITIOUS curriculum that challenges all students to achieve the very best they can, equips them to learn for life and develops their cultural capital.
  • Skills focused curriculum that enables students to be READY for the world of work and challenges of adult life.
  • An inclusive curriculum that enables all students to participate and develop the social and self-awareness that enables them to be KIND citizens.
  • An engaging curriculum that students enjoy, enabling them to develop as healthy, happy, confident and SAFE young people.
  • A curriculum that is cost effective that is transparent, equitable and deploys the school resources to maximise student outcomes.