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GCSE English

Title of qualification

GCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature


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What will I learn in year 10?

  • This year will focus on English Literature.
  • Develop an appreciation of literature through the close study of prose, poetry and drama texts. 
  • Cover the GCSE prescribed texts in detail (Shakespeare, pre 20th century novel, modern text, poetry anthology, unseen poetry).
  • Students will all study Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, Power and Conflict poetry anthology. Depending on teacher choice they will also study either An Inspector Calls or DNA (both modern plays) – please ask students to check with teachers before purchasing the revision guide for the modern text
  • Learn around 30 quotes off by heart for each set text.


What will i learn in Year 11?

  • This year students will cover the content of the GCSE Language.
  • NOTE students will revise Literature texts and practise exam essay skills for Literature but they will not study them in full as this has already been done in y10.
  • Read a wide range of non-fiction and fiction texts with understanding and insight.
  • Write skilfully to suit various audiences, purposes and forms.
  • Speak with increasing confidence and fluency for a variety of purposes and audiences.


How will this course be assessed?

English Language

  • 100% final examination.
  • 50% Reading’ 50% Writing.
  • Two exam papers:
  • Paper 1- “Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing”.
  • Paper 2- “Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives”.
  • Non assessment certification: “Spoken Language” skills.

English Literature

  • 100% final examination.
  • Paper 1: “Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel” (40%).
  • Paper 2: “Modern Texts and Poetry” (60%).


What skills do I need?

  • Literacy- the ability to read and write fluently.
  • Listening skills.
  • A wide vocabulary
  • Presentational skills (both spoken and written).


What is next for me after this course?

Communication skills, creativity and critical thinking are essential for all Post 16 subject areas and a good GCSE in English is a requirement for all courses and jobs.  Skills and techniques developed in English studies may be continued in a wide range of AS/A2 courses including: English Language, English Literature, Combined Language & Literature, Studies and Film Studies.


Are there any restrictions with this course?

These are core qualifications studied by all students.



CGP revision guides and workbooks for the following Literature texts are available on via ParentPay at a discount price: Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, Power and Conflict poetry anthology. An Inspector Calls.

For DNA there is a Snap revision guide available on  ParentPay.

York notes revision guides and practice paper books are also available at a discount price on Parentpay (2 study guides and 1 book of papers).



Please click on the following links for revision materials: