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GCSE Maths

In Key Stage 4 students will have four hours a week of maths lessons. These lessons will consist of completing the GCSE specification, weekly skills, exam preparation and exam papers. Students will receive homework fortnightly.

We also offer top sets the chance in Year 11 to sit an additional GSCE called Further Maths to help bridge the gap to A-level Maths.

You can download a Maths Foundation checklist here.

You can download a Maths Higher checklist here.



Revision guides, workbooks and calculators can be purchased from our Finance department.

The following websites are great to use for revision:


Title of qualification

GCSE Mathematics


Exam Board



What will I learn?

All aspects of maths:

  • Number.
  • Algebra.
  • Shape and space.
  • Geometry.
  • Handling data.
  • Probability.


How will this course be assessed?

  • Three exam papers at the end of year 11.
  • Each paper is worth 80 marks.
  • There is one non-calculator paper, the other two are calculator-allowed.


What skills do I need?

Application of mathematical skills to solve problems in context. This requires being able to understand which mathematical processes need applying to a range of contexts.


What is next for me after this course?

  • Core Maths.
  • A-level Maths.


Are there any restrictions with this course?

All students will sit GCSE Maths.


Maths Watch

Below is the full collection of worksheets (with answers) which accompany every MathsWatch video.

Pupils can use these to support their revision.

Pupils' usernames are their first initial followed by their surname followed by @westfield; all passwords are simply "password".