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Return to school

Student Testing in September 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming all our students back to the classroom in the week commencing 6th September 2021.

New government guidance specifies that all secondary school children should be offered two COVID tests at the start of the new academic year in September. Please find below details of your child’s appointment time, answers to questions you may have and further details of how school will operate from September onwards.

Please also watch this video from Mr Birkbeck about these important changes:

Do I have to provide consent again?

If you have already given consent for your child to be tested in school, you do not need to do so again.

If you have not given consent, but wish to do so, or if you wish to change your decision regarding providing consent, please follow this link:

When is my test?

We found staggering appointment times worked really well in March and so have decided to do the same again for September testing.

Students in Years 7 and 11 are invited to be tested on Friday 3rd September and will return to the classroom on Monday 6th September, arriving at school by 08.40 AM on this day.

Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 are invited to be tested on Monday 6th September and will return to the classroom on Tuesday 7th September, arriving at school by 08.40 AM on this day.

The table below shows what time your child needs to attend school to take their test:

Year 7: Friday 3 September

Time slot


9.00 AM

A – B

9.30 AM

C - F

10.00 AM

G – I

10.30 AM

J – M

11.00 AM

N – R

11.30 AM

S – Z 


Year 8: Monday 6 September

Time slot


9.00 AM

A – B

9.30 AM

C- F

10.00 AM

G – K

10.30 AM

L – R

11.00 AM


11.30 AM

T – Z


Year 9: Monday 6 September

Time slot


12.30 PM

A – C

1.00 PM

D – He

1.30 PM

Hi – Me

2.00 PM

Mi – Se

2.30 PM

Sh – Z


Year 10: Monday 6 September

Time slot


3.00 PM

A – C

3.30 PM

D – Hi

4.00 PM

Ho – M

4.30 PM

N – Se

5.00 PM

Sh – Z


Year 11: Friday 3 September

Time slot


12.30 PM

A - D

1.00 PM

E- L

1.30 PM

M - R

2.00 PM

S - Z


Where should I go?

Students should arrive at school at their allocated time and head to the sports centre carpark. Staff will be there to direct students to the entrance to the Sports Hall, where they will register and take their test, before returning home.

What should I wear?

Students do not need to attend in uniform on the day of their first test as they will go home after taking the test.

What happens after the test?

After the test students will go home. School will only contact students should they test positive for COVID. If we do not contact you then the test result was negative.

Can parents accompany children who are taking tests?

One parent/carer of Year 7 children may accompany their child into the Sports Hall to take their test. We would ask that any parent/carer accompanying their child wears a face covering.

Parents/carers of children in other year groups will be able to wait for them outside of the Sports Hall – testing is very quick.

How long will the test take?

We anticipate that no child will be in school for more than 30 minutes from arriving and registering to leaving having taken the test.

What if I have already tested positive for COVID before the test?

If a child has tested positive for COVID within 90 days of their test in school, they are not required to take the test.

What if I have COVID symptoms on the day of my test?

No-one with COVID symptoms should come to school without first having taken a PCR test and having a received a negative result.

What will happen to ‘close contacts’ of students who test positive?

From September, close contacts will be identified via NHS Test and Trace rather than the school. Contacts will only be traced where the positive case specifically identifies the individual as being a close contact. Children will no longer be required to self-isolate, if they are contacted as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case. Instead they will be advised to take a PCR test.

When will I take my second in-school test?

Students will take their second test in school within 5 days of their first. For children in Years 7 and 11, this is likely to be on Wednesday 8th September. For children in years 8, 9 and 10, this is likely to be on Thursday 9th September or Friday 10th September.

Will I still need to take tests at home?

Following the two initial tests on site, students will collect their test at home kits from form time and start testing at home, twice weekly.

Further information

You can view further information from the government about the return to school here.




Before setting off to school each morning, check you have your school bag packed with all the necessary equipment – your pencil case, calculator, planner, some sanitiser, a water bottle and, crucially, one or more face coverings. And please set off in time to arrive at school before the second bell at 08.45 AM.

We will provide all students with a new planner on their first day back in the classroom.



Please ensure you’re wearing your full uniform:

  • All black footwear.
  • Black school trousers, school shorts or knee-length school skirt.
  • White shirt.
  • School tie.
  • Westfield jumper or blazer.

Please don’t wear hoodies or jumpers on the school site – we’ll ask you to take them off as you arrive to site, and they will be confiscated if they’re worn during the school day outside of PE lessons. If the weather is cold please wear a coat.

Please don’t wear footwear that isn’t all black, and please don’t wear jeans, leggings or jeggings.

If you arrive in non-uniform it is our policy provide clean spares for you to change into in our ready room.


If you do need to use public transport, please consider wearing your face covering, and socially distance where possible, particularly from students from other year groups.


We ask our students to arrive at the ready gate between 08.15 and 08.40 where we’ll welcome you and ensure you are ready for the day ahead, making sure uniform is worn correctly and that phones and earphones are put away and not seen or heard in school during the school day.

We will ask students to enter the building via their year group’s wing. If they prefer, students may remain outside until the first bell sounds at 08.40.

We’ll continue to open the canteen for breakfast club from 08.00.


We’ll continue to ask students to clean their hands as they enter and leave each teaching space.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser TFX-12 Touch Free 1200ml



Students are asked to move calmly and sensibly between lessons. Students may wish to go outside when making their way between wings, giving them an opportunity for fresh air as they make their way directly to the next lesson. Toilets are open for students to use at lunch time and between lessons.


We will issue all students with a new copy of their timetable on their first day back in the classroom.


We will continue to reward positive behaviour in line with our Positive Discipline behaviour policy, and will maintain our high expectations of behaviour in the classroom. We will continue to sanction students who choose not to meet our high expectations.

In class expectations:

  • Arrive on time, fully equipped, in uniform and ready to learn.
  • Try your best without disturbing others.
  • Complete class work and home learning to the highest standard.
  • Show pride in your presentation.
  • Listen to the person who is meant to be talking.
  • Follow instructions, first time every time.

Likewise, our expectations outside the classroom remain the same.

Out of class expectations:

  • Be polite and kind to everyone.
  • Wear full school uniform correctly at all times (see uniform policy).
  • Follow instructions, first time every time.
  • Respect the environment and the school site, e.g. littering, chewing.
  • Stay within designated areas at social times.
  • Walk around the school sensibly and quietly, always arriving to lessons on time.

We would remind students that while COVID restrictions have been lifted, it is never acceptable to behave in a way that would bring concern, anxiety or worry to others, for example by coughing in someone’s face or spitting.


We will continue to operate without a morning break for students this academic year. This change has been largely very popular with students who appreciate that this has allowed greater time at the end of the day for clubs and period 6 to take place.

In addition, this is a key aspect of our ‘Outbreak Management Plan’ and will allow us to return to having year group bubbles should we be directed to do so by local public health advisors.


We will continue with our split lunches.

We would remind parents and carers that dinner money still has to be put onto student accounts via ParentPay. Replacement planners can now also be purchased on ParentPay.


It is essential that all students attend school on time every day.

The only exception to this would be if a student is ill, has tested positive for or has symptoms of COVID. If a student is identified by NHS Test and Trace as a close contact of a person who has tested positive they are advised to take a PCR test and continue to attend school unless their own test is positive.


We see this school year as a really exciting opportunity for all our students. The past two school years have been significantly disrupted by the pandemic, and we are hopeful that this year will not be disrupted in the same way, and determined to make this a great year! To ensure this happens we will continue to work hard with all our students to support them to improve their attitude to learning, focusing on improving the five Rs to become learners who are:

  • Ready to Learn
  • Resilient
  • Resourceful
  • Respectful
  • Reflective