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Headteacher’s welcome

I am extremely proud to lead Westfield School and am determined to work alongside students, staff, parents, carers and governors to ensure Westfield becomes the outstanding school it clearly has the potential to be.

A key part of my role is ensuring that students receive the support and opportunities they need to achieve incredible things. They deserve the very best education possible and that is why I am delighted that we are working with Chorus Education Trust to make this happen.

The school sits at the centre of its community. The close relationships with parents, carers, local businesses, community groups and the Family of Schools have ensured that we have tremendously strong foundations on which to build upon.

During my first year at Westfield I have discovered that our students are honest, committed and determined to achieve. I have appreciated the warm welcome they have given me and am reassured by their ambitious attitude.

As a parent I know that the happiness of our children, alongside success - be it sporting, academic or creative - is our top priority. We believe that our ARKS ethos, and our commitment to supporting and challenging everyone in the school community to achieve incredible things, will ensure both success and happiness in the short and long term.

Westfield's proud history and strong reputation for sporting success is being built upon and developed, in areas such as the arts, sciences, engineering and humanities. To support this work I have agreed our school improvement priorities. These are:

  • Excellent outcomes for all students.
  • Excellent leadership at every level.
  • Outstanding teaching and learning, every lesson, every day.
  • Having the highest expectations of students' attitudes to school and learning - challenging students who don't meet these expectations and rewarding and celebrating the vast majority who do.

These are the goals against which you can measure our progress, that I am resolute in my commitment to achieving.

Mr Joe Birkbeck
Head of Westfield School