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At Westfield we aim to provide a curriculum that ensures Outstanding Achievement for All.  Broad and balanced, it provides opportunities, exciting experiences and is designed to improve the life chances of every student. It enables successful next steps and ensures every pathway to further study, training and employment is accessible to all. For every student, everything is possible!


Our curriculum is designed to deliver excellent learning opportunities for all students and is linked to our ARKS vision:

AMBITIOUS: An aspirational curriculum that challenges all students, including those from disadvantaged starting points, to achieve beyond expectation, and equips them to meet every challenge to come.

READY: An inspiring curriculum, that, via deep learning and the embedding of skills and content over time, allows students to shape their own futures and relish every opportunity for further success in education, training and employment.

KIND: An inclusive curriculum that ensures all students build positive relationships, become engaged, moral citizens who actively participate in diverse aspects of life, culture and society.

SAFE: An engaging curriculum that all students enjoy, and one which enables them to develop as resilient, reflective, healthy, happy, and confident young people.


Through our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum, which seeks to ensure learning is continually built upon, knowledge deepened and challenge is provided for all, we have an unwavering focus on supporting our students to attain exceptional outcomes at the end of Year 11: achieving beyond expectations.