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Year 11

Head of Year: Miss Suter

Pastoral Manager: Mrs Lister

Here you can find useful information to support Year 11 students.

Department for Education Guidance For the Awarding of Final Grades (Summer 2021)

Following Department for Education (DfE) guidance released to schools and colleges, the following aspects of the curriculum and assessment plan are particularly relevant to Year 11:

  • Students will be awarded Teacher Assessed Grades which the school will submit to the exam boards in order for final qualifications to be awarded.
  • Students will receive their grades in the normal way on Results Day which, this year, will be Thursday 12th August.

Our Key Stage 4 Assessment Strategy

The school has designed a special curriculum to support students in their remaining weeks which will require full commitment and an outstanding attitude to learning in order that they achieve the Teacher Assessed Grades that we know they deserve.

  • Students will be assessed in a range of ways, dependent on what is most appropriate for a particular subject. This will include but not be limited to:
  • Short  periods of teaching followed by assessments relevant to the taught content
  • Practical activities
  • Pieces of controlled assessment
  • Assessments devised and released by the exam boards to be used under the current circumstances
  • We will have the opportunity to use prior assessments such as mock exams, and previously awarded unit grades for vocational qualifications, to support teachers in making final grading decisions. However, in most cases our primary focus will be to ensure that students are supported to succeed in their forthcoming assessments, the results of which will form a significant portion of their final Teacher Assessed Grade.
  • It will be vital that students are attentive when subject teachers outline how they will be assessed in their subject; students will need to also take note of when forthcoming assessments will take place in each subject they as they will no doubt wish to prepare for these at home as well as in school. All of this information will be shared with students in lessons when they return to school.
  • For those learners who feel that they have excelled during lockdown and made significant progress, we will ensure that this is recognised through the assessment opportunities that we give students when they return to school.
  • We understand how challenging continued learning will have been for some students during lockdown and will equally recognise this in the process of awarding Teacher Assessed Grades.
  • For those students who have access arrangements for exams, we will ensure that a suitable level of support continues during the assessment period.