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Year 7 English

What will students be studying?

  • Non fiction.
  • 20th century fiction.
  • Moving image.
  • Shakespeare.
  • Poetry.


What will students do?

Over the year they will study the above topic areas as well as being part of the accelerated reader programme. Across the year, they will be tested on writing , reading, speaking and listening skills that are based on the new GCSE English criteria.


Why are students taught GCSE skills in year 7?

To ensure students master and embed the necessary skills, each of our schemes of learning incorporates these skills to allow students to begin developing their knowledge so they can master the GCSE exams.


What are the benefits of teaching GCSE skills so early on?

  • Make essential reading practice more effective for every pupil, motivating pupils to read, and enjoy their reading, through discussion and reflection on their reading.
  • Personalise exam practice to each pupil’s current level for both writing and reading skill which allow us to assess pupils' progress.
  • Encourage engagement with literature from an early year
  • Develop retention of learning through continually building on skills throughout their time at Westfield.
  • Allow time for pupils to develop their focus and concentration and improve.
  • Develop oracy through speaking and listening activities.



What can I do to support my child?

Encourage your child to take out books and read books that are linked to a current topic being studied. Use interactive online resources to further their learning at home and ensure they complete all homework set.

Should I encourage my child to read?

Yes, ideally a minimum of minimum of 20 minutes a day.