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The Vikki Orvice library


New during Lockdown

If you are in school, books can still be taken out as normal during these times:

Monday and Thursday 8am-8.45am, lunch and 2.30pm-3.45pm.

If you are wanting to return a book please leave in the box on the table in front of Mrs Fazackerley's desk.

If you are out of school, you can also take books out by browsing all our library books here and then emailing Mrs Fazackerley at to arrange collection of the book(s) you would like. To return books you should drop your library books into the box in reception when you are finished with them.

If you are a fan of the First News newspaper we have in the library, we currently have an online version which you can find weekly on weduc.

Another way you can get something to read is by using an ebook or a digital audiobook – Sheffield Libraries has a huge range of ebooks, audio books and magazines which are free to all library users. These can be downloaded onto most mobile tablets, e-readers, PCs and other devices so you can listen to them during lockdown. Please contact Mrs Fazackerley at if you need help doing this.

A library newsletter is available every month with updates about the library, activities to do, books to read and more. Find it here. It can also be found on weduc.

Westfield school library is named after former Westfield pupil, Vikki Orvice. Vikki went on to become the first female sports journalist in any UK tabloid. She worked her way up from local to national newspaper and was always proud to be from Sheffield and Westfield roots. Vikki loved to read and write and her husband says she would have been honoured to have our Library named after her. We have a sports section in the library where you will find books kindly donated to us by Vikki’s husband, along with a large selection of other sporting books.

In our library we have…

Fiction – bestsellers, new titles, young adult fiction (for Y9/10+), classics novels, hidden gems, series and speed reads. We believe there is a book for everyone!

Graphic Novels –Marvel Universe, DC, manga, Amulet and graphic versions of novels from Anthony Horowitz to Shakespeare

Non-fiction – all the books you need to help you learn more about the world and people around us, across all subjects on the curriculum and beyond

Newspaper - We have a subscription to First News, this arrives in the library every Friday feel free to come in and have a read, find out what is currently happening in the world. There is lots of activities in the paper to do as well

Computers – We have 11 networked PCs providing internet access which can be used before school, lunchtimes and after school

ebooks and Digital audiobooks – Sheffield Libraries has a huge range of ebooks, audio books and magazines, free to all library users. These can be downloaded onto most mobile tablets, e-readers, PCs and other devices Please contact Mrs Fazackerley at if you need help doing this

Library Opening Times

If you are in school the library is still open for you to come in on a Monday and a Thursday.  The hours below will resume after lockdown.

You can visit the library on your allocated day below. It is open before school, lunch and after school.  NEW day for Y7 Students, Y7 can now come in the library on a Thursday after school only.

  • Monday – Year 7
  • Tuesday – Year 8
  • Wednesday – Year 9
  • Thursday – Year 10 - 8-8.45am and Lunch. Y7 2.30 – 3.45
  • Friday – Year 11


Lunch Times

  • To access the Library at lunch students will need a pass
  • You can only access the library at lunch on your allocated day
  • 30 Students will be allowed in the Library at lunch
  • Passes will need to be collected from Mrs Fazackerley between 8am-8.45am
  • At the end of lunch the pass needs to be handed back to Mrs Fazackerley
  • There is a signing in and out sheet for the passes
  • Each year group will have a different colour pass


Pass allocation

Y7 – Monday: Green Passes

Y8 – Tuesday: Yellow Passes

Y9 – Wednesday: Blue Passes

Y10 – Thursday: Orange Passes

Y11 – Friday: Red Passes


Borrowing books

All library resources may be borrowed for free! You don’t need a special card – just be sure to check them out with Mrs Fazackerley.

All Students may borrow up to 2 books at a time for 2 weeks.

If you need longer to finish your book, you may renew it for a further 2 weeks at the library desk or by emailing You can also reserve books in the same way.

Books must be returned by putting them into the Book Returns box allocated on the table in front of Mrs Fazackerley's desk

If books go overdue, reminders are sent out via Form Tutors and finally to parents/carers asking for the book back or for the cost of the lost/damaged book. If you have overdue books, you may not be allowed to borrow anything else until they are returned or paid for via ParentPay.