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At Westfield School we are committed to high standards of uniform and appearance from all members of our community. We believe smart uniform and appearance are very important: providing our students with a shared identity, encouraging pride in appearance and allowing for positive community recognition. It also reflects the highest standards and expectations we set throughout the school. All students are expected to wear the appropriate agreed school dress at all times in school and for education related visits in the appropriate way.

Many retailers will advertise and sell fashion trousers/skirts as school uniform. Please be cautious and remember all uniform must adhere to our uniform expectations. If you require advice before purchase, please contact school.


School Uniform

Compulsory items of uniform:

  • Black blazer with embroidered badge and /or black v-neck jumper
    Versions of the blazer with the old logo are allowed.
    Students should wear their blazers/jumpers at all times in the school building, unless permission is given by members of staff. This includes lunch and breaktimes. Blazer sleeves must be rolled down at all times.
  • School tie.
    From September 2018 new ties should be worn, which are a different colour for each Hall.
    Ties should be worn at all times, except PE lessons.  Altering or defacing a school tie means that it is no longer fit for purpose and consequently it will be removed and the student will have to replace it.
  • White shirt.
    This must be a  formal, collared shirt, with buttons up to the neck, but can be short or long sleeved. This must be tucked in at all times and, if long-sleeved, should have the sleeves rolled down.
  • Plain black trousers.
    These must be full-length, smart, formal trousers (with a waistband, zip and button).
    No jeans, skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings or chino style trousers.
  • Plain black skirt.
    This must be formal, at least knee-length and loose fitting.
  • Plain black footwear.
    No logos on footwear.

Optional item of uniform:

  • No other jumpers, hoodies or sweatshirts will be permitted on school site, including the school playground. If worn these items will be confiscated immediately and we will ask parents/carers to come into school to retrieve them.
  • During the summer term, students will be allowed to wear plain, black, smart formal, knee length shorts.


PE Kit

Compulsory items of PE kit:

  • Westfield polo shirt.
  • Black shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings.
  • Plain black sweatshirt or hoody with no logo (to be used only in PE lessons).
  • Suitable sporting trainers are permitted; however, we do not allow the use of pumps in any form.
  • All students must have suitable swimwear; swimming trunks above the knee (boys), a one piece swimming costume (girls).
  • All jewellery to be removed.

Optional items of PE kit:

  • Westfield PE shorts.
  • Westfield Rugby top or a plain, black top.
  • Shin pads are advisable for sports such as football, rugby and hockey.
  • Boots suitable for activities on the field are advisable.
  • All GCSE PE students must wear a Westfield GCSE polo shirt. This can be purchased through the PE department.
  • Students are allowed to wear plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms or leggings.
  • Suitable sporting trainers are permitted; however, we do not allow the use of pumps in any form.


where to buy uniform and PE kit

You can buy uniform and PE kit from Pinders Schoolwear located in Crystal Peaks market, or alternatively, at their factory shop based at Aston. Click here for a copy of their order form.



Outside coats and scarves should not be worn inside the building, other than in the dining hall, at any time. Lockers are provided for every student for the storage of personal items. Hoodies and other non-uniform sweatshirts are not an alternative to an outside coat and should not be worn on the school site.

When students arrive at the start of the school day they have until 8.25am to take coats to their lockers. If coats are worn outside at break time, students must have them returned to their lockers by 11.00am.  At lunchtime lockers will be available for students to get their coats until 1.15pm and again at 1.35pm so they can put their coats back in their lockers.

If students have not got a locker they need to contact Reception.



On health and safety grounds we do not allow students to wear excessive amounts of jewellery in our school. Students are permitted to wear a single finger ring and one small stud in each earlobe (which should be removed during sporting activities and in the workshops) and one watch. No bracelets are allowed. 

Parents/carers should also be aware that tattoos and the wearing of eye jewellery, large or 'hoop' earrings, nose rings and other facial or muscle jewellery is not permitted.  Plastic replacements will also not be permitted so we advise that all piercings should be carried out at the very beginning of the summer holiday to allow time for healing and safe removal at the start of the new academic year.


False finger nails, eyelashes and fashion contact lenses

Please be aware that the above are also not permitted and students will be asked to remove them immediately if worn.


Extreme haircuts

The school does not permit students to have haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other students.